Established in 1808 & trusted for over 200 years, Frost&Reed continues to flourish and our expertise & knowledge continues to grow.

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A Private Showing
Marcel Dyf (1899 - 1985)

To watch Dyf paint was entrancing. Even as an old man, he would stand rather than sit before the easel, working with extraordinary vigour and intense concentration. His palette was a rainbow of fresh colours and his hand continually darted back and forth from the canvas. At intervals he would step back or consider briefly another picture before returning to the easel, his eye refreshed.


Widen the imagination
Nigel Ashcroft

Ashcroft has developed a brilliant eye for a subject, combined with an ability to design a composition that somehow seems to reach much further than the limits of the painting itself. Simple, everyday objects relate to other similar items, sometimes not actually included in the composition, but which are in some way apparent because the mind infers that they are nearby. A shadow cast across a wall by something unseen, or a reflection in a window, widens the imagination beyond the limits of the painting itself.

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